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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  September 1, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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one jewelry distributor said it could be worth more than $50,000. stay with us. we have much more still ahead, your weather, traffic and stop stories as fox 5 morning news at 5:00 begins now. start you off with a look at hurricane earl this morning continuing to take aim at the eastern seaboard. evacuations are beginning in parts of north carolina and the hurricane could ruin labor day weekend plans for million of people including people right here in our region. >> let's take a look at exactly how things are shaping up for us here on this wednesday more than, september 1st. a live look at our nation's capital to get you started on this wednesday. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us. let's say good morning to tucker barnes with a look at what is happening here. >> good morning. just getting the latest on earl. maximum winds down to 125 miles per hour. that is a category three hurricane. still a major hurricane. very dangerous. it will be approaching the mid- atlantic here during the next couple of days. let's show you vipir.
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it is tracking off to the north an west at about 13 miles per hour. still a very intense storm. the pressure up slightly. you can see that things have become a little elongated which tell us it is not quite as intense as it was a few hours ago. want to mention a hurricane watch has now been extended for the virginia coastline up to just south and east of ocean city. let's get to local weather. we are mild. 77degrees. humidity, 64%. winds are out of the south and west at five miles per hour. pressure down a little bit. this area of happen that has been giving us the heat starting to break down. winds will shift a little bit today. this will be the last day of extreme heat as we get into tomorrow and particularly friday. things will start to cool off a little bit as earl approaches here. one more hot afternoon. 95degrees. only a code orange air quality. that is a little better than yesterday. >> earl will cool things down for us toward the end of the
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week. >> the cool front will cool us down. more on that in a minute. >> okay. >> let's get a look at traffic with lauren demarco. >> right now, light volume helping us out. can you take a live look out there at 66 courtesy of trafficland as you head inbound. no problems through manassas approaching route 50 fair oaks. we have reports of a disabled vehicle blocking a lane t doesn't appear to be slowing down anyone too badly. just something to watch out if. 395 northbound crossing the 14th street bridge into the district, no problems reported for you. 95 southbound south of town at mile marker 11 #, you want to watch if activity because of a brushfire to the right side of the road. in maryland, 95 southbound at 216. construct is wrapping up. no major problems to report on the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we get more now on hurricane earl with clean-up
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now under way in the caribbean islands like st. thomas. earl is headed toward the u.s. east coast. evacuations will get under way this morning in parts of north carolina and prep rigs are under with a delaware, maryland and virginia's beaches all down the eastern seaboard. sarah simmons joins us with more on earl. >> reporter: even though hurricane earl has been downgraded to a category three right now, folk along the coastline are still taking this very seriously knowing things could change. of course, a vacation island off of north carolina, they are evacuating this morning. it should be under way right as we speak. about 5,000 visitors are trying to get off the island there. more evacuations could follow just depending on the path that earl takes. the hurricane has already pushed to the caribbean hitting the dominican republic. as if our area, emergency officials don't believe evacuations will be necessary but again, as i said, a change ever so slightly could make a difference here. the storm is expected to bring pounding rain, high wind and dangerous waves over the next
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few days along the coastline. ocean city is watching it very closely. >> monday toring the situation very closely. we have a heighten awarness and should it be necessary, we'll take protective mitigation actions for the city as a whole. >> we'll adjust the swimming regulations accordingly. we'll maybe limit people going into the water up to knee deep and that is typical for this time of year. >> reporter: earl should not be felt in the district too much although they are telling people to prepare for any possible power outages and flooding. ocean city will announce today whether or not they will evacuate. maryland emergency officials are meeting today about earl's potential brush with ocean city. of course, this is typically a very big weekend with labor day weekend and tourists packing the beeps and boardwalk there. and riptides, they are warning swim he's about those as well appears tucker mentioned before
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a hurricane watch has been issued for the virginia coast, we do expect to hear later on today from virginia governor bob mcdonnell about whether or not they're going to issue a warning for folks there in the state, a state-wide emergency. at that point, they would activate the national guard and state police to prepare for hurricane earl has it comes through. back to you. >> can you track hurricane earl at and for up to date information, can you download the my fox hurricane app for the iphone. you can download that on itunes. our other big story is president obama's speech to the country. he declared america's combat role in iraq is over. more than seven years after american troops invaded that country. speaking from the oval office, the president talked for about 20 minutes. for the president, iraq was a war he didn't start but promised to end. >> i am announcing that the
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american combat mission in iraq has ended. operation iraqi freedom is over. and the iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country. >> the president said american troops achieved their mission and they are leaving behind an iraq that is more stable but still far from settled. defense secretary robert gates arrived in iraq overnight. the secretary of defense is meeting with troops just as their combat mission is coming to an end. there are still under 50,000 american troops in iraq. for president obama, he is gearing up now for an international negotiation on middle east peace. the prime minister of israel and the palestinian president arrived in d.c. yesterday. secretary of state clinton met with mahmoud abbas. president obama will meet with abbas and benjamin netanyahu
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separately later today. he will host a dinner before formal peace talks open up tomorrow. back here at home, montgomery county police are asking for help in the hunt for a suspect in germantown. officers canvassed the neighborhood passing out flyers hoping for a tip that gets a man off street before he strikes again. two women living alone were taxed in the middle of the night. last week's victim, an 86-year- old at a senior center. a michigan prosecutor says he expects to file more charges against the suspected serial stabber. police say elias abuelazam is responsible for a series of attacks. five of the attacks in michigan were deadly. right now, he is only charged with one attack. there is a little bit of relief for those 33 miners trapped in chile and this relief coming from nasa. coming up next, how the u.s. space agency is hoping to help the miners cope with isolation. actor michael douglas in the battle of his life now.
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he speaks about his treatment to throat cancer. we have much more coming up. it is now 5:07. ksgo t
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isolation, confinement and darkness. fear is that all of that could lead to serious depression for the 33 miners trapped underground in chile. a team of nasa psychologists have now arrived in the country to help out. they have experienced working with astronauts who are confined in space for extended periods of time. depression medication is being lowered to the miners. officials estimate it will be about four months until the miners are finally rescued. former british prime minister tony blair dishing about politics in his new memoir. he is talking about the war in iraq saying he cried for the soldiers and civilianed who were killed but does for the regret the decision to go to war. actor michael douglas optimistic about his bat we'll throat cancer. he talked about it on david letterman's late show. he says he has begun an eight- week treatment plan for radiation and chemo and doctors says his chance for recovery is
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80%. some good news for the d.c. public school system. once considered some of the worst schools in the country, a new report find dramatic improvement. >> we'll take a look at how this might play a role in the race for mayor. we'll take a look at the two leading candidates in that race. >> off to a mild that moons a h we'll take a look at hurricane earl and lauren demarco has your on-time traffic. all of that and more coming up after the break. some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens. but i like to think i'm just going beyond the call of duty. cock-a-doodle-dooooo!
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you can thank rihanna for the buy one get one free admission at madam tussaud. to get the deal, you have to mention the word umbrella. the title to a rihanna song and that deal is good through
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september 30th. no, tucker, if you continue to say ella, ella, you don't get a free admission. >> i am amazed how realistic those are. rihanna looks just as good there as she does when you see her. okay. what is going on with earl. >> earl is still a very intense hurricane. maximum winds are down to 125 miles per hour. it will be out of here by saturday morning. most of our labor day weekend should be quiet but we'll be dealing with some special fireworks here during friday as the storm passes to our east. right now, just a very mild start to the day. yesterday, our daytime highs were back in the mid-90s. we'll do it one more day before the pattern starts to slowly break down. currently, 76 degrees at reagan national. we are off day very mild start. 74 in annapolis. 68 for you in leonardtown. fredericksburg, we are 75 degrees. manassas, 66. how about frederick, 64
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degrees. you get the idea here. very warm start to the day. generally speaking to the south and east, still in the 70s. it won't take long for us to hit the 80s. satellite-radar, look what is going on. you can see here in the mid- atlantic, whole lot of nothing. we've got a very quiet weather pattern. that high pressure we've been talking about since sunday remains intact here and until this frontal system out to the west of chicago now working into chicago can get in here, we won't get a chance to break down this pattern. this is a big player. it will cool us down for the weekend. it will kick earl out to sea. we are keeping our fingers crossed because earl is one big, bad storm as it approaches from the south and east. the eye is starting to redevelop. that tells us the storm is likely to maintain the intense status. the thinking for the last couple of days has been that it will make its way toward the carolina coast and shupt itself just offshore right up the eastern seaboard and that remains true even at the 5:00 a.m. hour this morning.
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can you see here that it looks like by 6:00 a.m. friday, it will still be a major hurricane just off the coast and then it will start racing up toward southern new england and up into the canadian maritimes by early in the day on saturday. so effects for us, they will be more severe along the coastal areas but here in washington, i think we will see more cloud cover. the further east you get, the better chance you will see some of the rain bands associated with earl and more serious impacts of the wind and waves during the day on friday. our forecast, a hot one at 95 miles per hour. there is your five-day forecast. little cooler tomorrow as we'll start to get some clouds associated with earl moving in from the south and east and then friday, kind of a partly sunny day. breezy during the day as well with high temperatures only in the upper 80s. i showed you the cold front out to the west. look at saturday and sunday's
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daytime highs. only in the low 80s. no rain for the forecast here. let's get to on-time traffic with lauren demarco. >> things looking pretty good right now out there on the roads as you travel the beltway. you should find your lanes are open around town. let's take a live look out there at 495 and montgomery county at connecticut avenue. things running very well. no problems in prince george's county or in virginia. northbound 395 leaving the beltway starting to leave a little bit of volume but everyone still running at speed. there is the main lanes of 395 took street. as you head further north across the 14th street bridge, no problems to report. 95 looks good between springfield and fredericksburg. you want to watch if a brushfire to the right side of road. eastbound 66, just before route 50, we have a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane with the light volume. it is not causing much of a problem. nothing to report on 270 but in
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the frederick area, watch for the wreck 15 southbound at 26. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. there is encouraging news for the district as a new independent report finds there has been dramatic and unprecedented movement and improvement in the public school system over past five years. >> that report come just two weeks before the city's primary election and education is one of the biggest issues in the mayoral race. john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: five years ago, the washington lawyers committee for civil rights releaseed a scathing report on the schools that reminded readers that the army corps of engineers had in 1998 assessed an astounding 70% of school buildings in the city as being in poor physical condition. and yet, for several years after that, the city was spending nothing on capital expenditures for schools. adrian fenty made improving education the center piece of his first run for mayor four years ago and in 2007, the city council allowed the mayor to hire michelle rhee has chancellor with sweeping reform
5:21 am
powers. so the lawyers committee has decided to revisit school achievement, this time discovering improvements are, quote, dramatic and unprecedented. >> dcps has shown improvements in most of the areas we looked at including funding, test scores, teachers compensation, facility modernization, special education. >> reporter: mayor fenty is asking democratic voters to keep him in charge of the city's education system. >> this is another great independent report that shows that the work of chancellor rhee, the really tough decisions are paying off where it counts and that is in the education of children. >> reporter: council chairman, vince gray, when told about the new report on schools reminded reporters he supported giving the mayor and chancellor broad powers over the school system. but his education plan says gray will be more inclusive. >> i intend to have a much broader approach it public education beginning at birth
5:22 am
and running through age 24. >> reporter: education is not the only issue but it is a big issue in the democratic mayor's race. primary election day in d.c. is two weeks away. john henrehan, fox 5 news. fox 5 is all over the hotly contested mayoral race as mayor adrian fenty and challenger vincent gray will face off on fox 5 morning news this friday. can you catch their live in- studio debate at 9:00 a.m. friday morning. head to and let us know what questions you would like us to ask. it is now 5:22. we have much more still ahead this morning including more on our big story, hurricane earl. we have team coverage coming up in our 7:00 hour. we'll go live out to the utter banks. vacs are under way in part of that state. we'll get an update -- evacuations are under way in part of that state. >> i think it is annoying. i don't like it. >> i hear it. >> the beeps that you may hear
5:23 am
will keep rowdy teenagers from causing trouble in one popular d.c. area. we'll maybe that coming -- we'll plain that coming up next on fox 5 morning news. we'll explain that coming up next on fox 5 morning news.
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a new tool in the crackdown of teenaged loitering at the gallery place commercial strip. >> it's noisemaker they call the mosquito. it pumps out sounds that people of all ages say they could live
5:26 am
without. audrey barnes shows us how it works. >> reporter: can you hear it as soon as you get off the escalator at the gallery place metro stop. this speaker mounted on the wall is called the mosquito, an anti-loitering device invented in wales a few years ago now being used by cities around world to combat vandalism and loitering. it seems teenagers in particular don't like the high- pitched beep. >> i think it is annoying. i don't like it. >> reporter: you think it would be annoying enough to get teenagers not to hang out here. >> yeah, make us go chill somewhere else. >> reporter: that may be the point. the device was quietly installed two week ago after trans-western officials, who manage the property, met with the city council to talk about the 70-person brawl that started at gallery place among teenagers loitering there. >> it is annoying. >> reporter: you think it is annoying enough to make teenagers not hang out around
5:27 am
here? >> yeah. >> reporter: on the web site, the make ores of the mosquito say it can be heard by people between the ages of 13 and 25. but the one at gallery place. >> i hear it. >> are you over 25? >> yes. >> reporter: it didn't team to bother older people as much as the teens. it is not that annoying to you? >> not at all. i'm he doing just fine listening to it. >> it is not that bad for my ears. >> that would have no impact on anything going on around here. i didn't notice there was any sound because it gets really noisy. >> reporter: so with the high- pitched beeps aimed at teenagers. >> it is doing its job. one of we have much more ahead. >> reporter: hurricane earl continues its trek towards the east coast where evacuations are already under way and how other areas are preparing for earl. that is when we come back. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer ksgo t
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it is wednesday, september 1st, 2010. it will be another hot run. >> mid-90s yesterday and again today. we'll start a gradual cooldown as we get into the weekend. we want to start with the
5:31 am
latest on earl. i have a map that shows the watch. extended up it paramour island. let's take a look at earl on our vipir system. you can seat eye is very distinct. gusts to about 140. hugo back in 1989 was about this strong and caused a lot of damage to south carolina. this is a very intense hurricane. looks like it tracks along the coast and willent counter the washington area. it has a date with us about overnight thursday night into the day on friday. all right. now, to local weather. let's go to temperatures, 76 degrees. humidity, 64%. you mentioned it will be hot today and it is. lots of sunshine in our forecast with temperatures just about where they were yesterday, 95 with winds out of the south at five miles per
5:32 am
hour. code orange air quality. that is moderate air quality for us. more details on the forecast in a minute. >> thank you. let's get more details on the commute this morning for lauren demarco. >> you are all free and clear 95 and the bw parkway between beltways right now. 270 looks pretty good as you head down from the frederick area. we have a live look from trafficland of the picturess there as you head past 124. effect running at speed. this is 95 northbound as you head up from newington towards fairfax county parkway and springfield. everybody running at speed. no problems on 395. the beltway looking great both if virginia and in maryland. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we have more on hurricane earl after barreling through the caribbean. that category three storm is threatening to sideswipe the east coast. concern from here to the carolinas on how earl will
5:33 am
affect labor day weekend. we have more on that from sarah simmons with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. folks are already prepare ago long the east coast. there are some evacuations under way specifically oricoke island off the coast of north carolina. there are about 5,000 people there. that evacuation expected to have gotten under way about a half hour ago. there are other areas along the east coast as well that will be looking at that possibility as hurricane earl draws closer t has pushed through the caribbean hitting the dominican republic. as for our area, emergency officials don't believe an evacuation will be necessary but the storm's path could change ever so slightly which could make a huge difference. the storm is expected to bring heavy rain, high winds, dangerous waves over the next few days. and folks in ocean city are watching it pretty closely too. >> you feel the current. >> it was pulling me. it was.
5:34 am
you could feel it pulling you back and then pulling you back into the ocean. >> hopefully, we'll be safe and sound and people will able to come down to the beach. but if necessary, i close my gates and put some sandbags in trontd of them and hope for the best. i think we'll be okay though. >> reporter: now, ocean city is expected to announce later on today exactly what their plan is going to be. they are expected to be meeting talking about earl's potential brush across the city. now, this is typically a very big weekend there and along the beaches. this is labor day weekend as you know. a lot of people would be on the boardwalk and on the beaches. so they are also warning swims are about the dangerous riptides that will be out there as well. as for the district, in this area, they are just telling people, they don't expect it to have a huge impact. they are telling people to be aware for any possible outages, any possible flooding. so keep that in mind. coming up in the 9:00 hour, we'll be talking with folk from dare county, north carolina in the same vicinity where that
5:35 am
island is in where they are having evacuations there. we'll be talking with the folk there like nags head, cape hatteras. we'll be looking to see how they are preparing as hurricane earl comes through. back to you. >> thank you. we'll look for that at 9:00. in the meantime, can you track hurricane earl 24/7 at and for up to date information in the palm of your hand, you can download the my fox hurricane app for the iphone. you can do that on itunes. meantime, the president's address to our country is our other big story this morning. >> president obama spoke from the oval office about the end of combat operations in iraq. the president said the u.s. has met the goal of creating a more stable iraq but that the iraqis themselves must take the lead. >> will you this remarkable chapter in the history of the
5:36 am
united states and iraq, we have met our responsibilities. now, it is time to turn the page. it is well known that he and i disagreed about the war from its outset yet no one can doubt president bush's support if our troops or his love of country and commitment to our security. >> the president spoke with former president george w. bush before the speech. the defense secretary is in iraq this morning. robert gates is there just as american troops wrap up their combat mission. gates arrived to meet the troops a few hours after the president's address. he touched down at an airport west of baghdad. he says he is proud of the job that our troops and their iraqi partners have accomplished. president obama now turning his attention to middle east peace talks. the palestinian leader already met with secretary of state hillary clinton. israel's prime minister also arrived yesterday. president obama now meeting both separately today.
5:37 am
tonight, he is hosting an informal dinner at the white house. the formal talks start tomorrow. montgomery county police are on the hunt in germantown where two women living alone were attacked in the middle of the night. an 86-year-old was assaulted last week, a 68-year-old two months ago. police canvassed the neighborhood passing out flyers hoping for a tip that gets the man off streets before he strikes again scientist michigan prosecutor says he expects to file more charges against a suspected serial stabber. police say elias abuelazam is responsible for a series of deadly attacks. actress zsa zsa gabor is back in the hospital now and a hoax lands a local sports columnist in trouble. we'll check headlines. we all love that movie theater popcorn but do we want to know how fattening it is. we'll get detail of new health rules when we come back.
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♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ zsa zsa gabor is back in the hospital. she has been in and out of the hospital since breaking her hip in july. she left the hospital august 15th after being given last rites an refusing any more procedures. site "washington post" columnist is apologize fig social experiment that backfired on him.
5:41 am
mike wise has been suspended for one month. he sent out a tweet on monday saying the ffl commissioner would reduce ben roethlisberger's six-game suspension to five games. he later admitted it was a hoax and he says he did it to test the accuracy of social media reporting. a huge chunk of rock pulled out of the ground at a north carolina farm t could be worth a fortune. the emerald was covered in rows of corn. the stone was cuts and recut. it is now about a fifth of the original emerald and a new york gemologist says it is the largest cut emerald found in the united states. a new look for the oval office. it got a makeover while the first family was on vacation in martha's vineyard. workers installed new wall paper, sofas, lamps and a rug. it fee you ares it quotes by abraham lincoln, f. kennedy and martin luther king. the president's inaugural
5:42 am
committee and the white house historical association is paying for the makeover. >> looks good. we have something new coming to movie theaters to help your waistline. >> coming soon, calorie counts at concession stands. the question is do you really want to know? >> not really. we'll check your morning commute and your forecast including the latest on hurricane earl as it inches close are to the eastern shore. d
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back. august is out of here. it is already september 1st. still 77 degrees outside though. okay. that is a look at the capitol dome. here is something else people saw yesterday if they were driving down in d.c. a lot of people doing a double take. these men stripped down to their underwear at a busy intersection all over d.c. yesterday but it is all if a good cause. they are raising awareness for the men's warehouse national suit drive. stores are connecting men's an women's suits as well as business attire to donate to charities across the country. can you drop off your donations at the men's warehouse throughout the month of september. >> i saw them outside and i just assumed it was a protest
5:46 am
and kept right on going. this is when i know i've been in d.c. too long. >> they got plenty of attention. >> yesterday was hot enough to somebody to strip their shirt off and still be okay. >> we'll do it again today. i know kids are going back to school all week long so kind of a tough way to start school in the 90s. off to the bus stop forecast we go. lots of sunshine, warm temperatures. wave done this a couple of days already this week. temperatures generally in the low 70s. here in town in the mid-70s as you head out to the bus stop. sunrise, 6:37 this morning. we are losing about a minute of sunlight each morning as these days are getting shorter. temperatures right now still on the warm side here in town. i mentioned mid-70s. 76 at reagan national. still 74 in annapolis. 70 in baltimore. a little better off to the north an west. could see mid-60s in places like martinsburg. so in the a terrible start to the day. awe little more humidity in the forecast today as the wind are
5:47 am
going to be shifting out of the south. still, not bad when you consider temperatures are going to top out back in the middle 90s. satellite-radar, take a look. this is a cold front. it won't bring us some needed rain around here but what it will do is cool us down for the weekend. it will also push earl out to sea. this will be a close call. earl will get awfully close to the carolina coastline as it approaches here during the nighttime hours tomorrow into the daytime on friday. there is your latest look. can you see still a very intense hurricane. currently a category three hurricane. that means maximum winds of about 125 miles per hour and tracking off to the north and west at about 16 miles per hour. it will arrive just off the shore of cape hatteras late thursday night into friday morning and scoot off to the north and east toward southern new england during the day on friday. let's take a look at the futurecast. can you see we have the combination of the frontal system i pointed out to you out to the west and the approaching hurricane. this is the forecast from 9:00
5:48 am
friday morning so can you see how close it is to the washington area but generally speaking, the worst of its effects will be off to the east. it look like the rain showers will get about as close as the bay and points west, it will be just cloud cover and it races off to the north and east there. it goes during the day on friday. most of the weekend will be nice around here. saturday and sunday should feature sunshine. high temperatures only in the low 80s. 95 this afternoon. code orange air quality. another hot one out there. with this high pressure in charge, no cloud cover. no chance for showers and thunderstorms in the next few tauzin. thursday, more cloudiness late in the day as earl approaches from the south and east. friday, the clouds associated with earl the area. 88degrees. saturday, sunday, high temperatures only in the low 80s with a lot of bright sunshine. now, let's get to on-time
5:49 am
traffic and lauren tea mark -- demarco has the latest. >> things looking pretty good around town. i do want to mention an accident wave phone been following in frederick. it is southbound 16 at route 26. we do have the light rain only getting by. that is involve a tractor- trailer. # 70 looks good as you head out of frederick. no problems here past 121. we are seeing the volume build. everybody still running at speed. do watch for delays off and on in spots running down from the split. effect starting to -- everybody starting to stack up now. same story crossing the 14th street bridge. 66 looks good headed inbound. nothing to report right now on the beltway in virginia or maryland. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. calorie counts are coming to menu boards at restaurants
5:50 am
and vondaing machines and now possibly movie theaters -- and vending machines an now possibly movie theaters. >> but most movie theatre goers would rather not know. >> reporter: ask any movie go he, soda, candy and popcorn are part of the whole experience. >> popcorn is usually what we get. >> reporter: the between-meal snacks can be loaded with fat and calories. soon being consumers could know just how much. >> i kind of know but it is a treat. so every now and then, i think it is okay. >> reporter: the fda's interpretation of the new health care reform law would subject movie theater chains with 20 or more locations to the same requirements for large chain restaurants, having to post calorie counts on the menu board. large popcorn on average is about 1,000 calories. add 100 calories for each tablespoon of butter. jumbo boxes of candy, 500 calories and up. >> i think it would be a good
5:51 am
idea to make america healthier, get everybody back in shape. >> reporter: as an independent university mall theater in fairfax, virginia would be exempt. still the owner worries about what the rules might mean for other owners. >> if it was up there, it might keep them from buying it. >> reporter: concessions are important to the business' bottom line. >> very. it is where we make our money, most of our money. we've tried sugar-free candy, fat-free muffins. none of it sells. >> reporter: the national association of theater own arers says movies aren't food establishments. >> people come to the movies because it is entertainment. >> reporter: and while the truth is probably good for them, many movie lovers say they come here to escape reality rather than be faced with it. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. i for one don't want to
5:52 am
know either. i guess you can ignore it. the fda is seeking comment from businesses an consumers. the rules have to be finalized by march of next year. if you are in the market for i new job, coming up in our next hour, we'll run down the newest rankings of the best federal employers. we'll show you who tops that list. >> another setback for a promising member of the redskins. the season is over before it even began. you are watching fox 5 morning news. we'll take a look at sports on the other side of the break. tt
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shut a quick look at sports now and the redskins. good news on donovan mcnabb and clinton portis. portis practiced for the first time yesterday since spraining his knee against the jets. kyle shanahan optimistic that mcnabb will practice next week. as far as the game tomorrow, no word fillly on who will start against the cardinals in the pre-own finale. rex gross man stepped if last week against the jets for the injured mcnabb. >> no, rex is taking reps right now and we'll see how it goes going up to the game. we expect him to start but we haven't finalized it yet. don't expect him to be in long if he does. >> i'm not really sure. i don't know. i play when they tell me to. i haven't been told definitively yet and we'll see.
5:56 am
>> the redskins have made another round of roster cuts. they had to get the coster down to 75 players. here is your list. hall davis who spent one day with the team was one of those. the team decided to put malcolm kelly on injured reserve. that mean he is done for the season. dave ross with more. >> reporter: this was suppose toen the breakout year for malcolm kelly. instead, his season is over before it ever began. awe'll put him on ir today. i think he understand. he has got to get on the field and he hasn't been able to do that. he did it in otas, he has done it here. you got to be healthy enough. he hasn't been able to stay healthy. >> reporter: the third year receiver from oklahoma cannot play or practice with the team for the entire season while he rehabs his injured hamstring. as far as his long-term future with the skins. >> the right type of worth ethic and him doing the little things the right way, he has a
5:57 am
much better opportunity to be with us next year but i'll evaluate that as time goes on. >> reporter: with the season fillly over for kelly, it may have cleared the way for one of the rookie wide receivers to make their mark. >> i will show them my ability. i think i did a good job catching a cup of people but i still got some work to do. hopefully, can i do that thursday. >> basically do the same thing. show that i'm capable of being one of those guys and have to trust in the coaches because can i compete out there with the first team or whoever is out there. >> dave ross, fox 5 sports. >> thank you. we have much more straight ahead at 6:00 this morning. all your top stories. we'll get the latest on hurricane earl, the forecast and your morning commute as well. fox 5 morning news comes back after the break. s,rc
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